Discover our spirit of science and ingenuity.


This is a truly ingenious corner of the UK, where free-thinking minds have flourished and where scientific research, discovery and application – and no little ambition – have changed the world.

From the industrial powerhouse of Manchester and its world-leading universities, out through the plains and uplands of Cheshire and Staffordshire, the roots of our scientific ingenuity and achievement run deep.

Science and scientists have thrived in this fertile environment for over 250 years, for example:

  • Jodrell Bank, home to the Lovell Telescope, one of the largest steerable radio telescopes in the world, hosts the international headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array, an ambitious global project set to create the largest radio telescope on planet earth;
  • Chester Zoo, one of the top 15 zoos in the world, has over 25,000 animals and is a highly respected centre of excellence for global conservation, research and breeding some of the world’s most endangered animals;
  • The Catalyst Centre, the first chemical factory (established in 1855 by John Hutchinson, a chemist and industrialist) is home to the entire Imperial Chemical Industries General Chemicals Division Research Archive;
  • Stoke-on-Trent is the world capital of bone china, porcelain and ceramic manufacturing and is home to the World of Wedgewood, one of the most important cultural collections in the world.
  • The Anderton Boat Lift was the first engineered 2 caissons boat lift built in 1875 and is still operational;
  • Manchester University has produced a number of Nobel prize winners in the areas of Physics and Chemistry including Ernest Rutherford, Sir William Bragg, Patrick Blackett, as well as the world renowned John Dalton who introduced the atomic theory into chemistry and undertook research into colour blindness;
  • The world’s first electronic stored-program computer known as ‘Baby’ was built in Manchester and can still be seen today in the Science & Industry Museum.

Now, for the first time, we are providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the places and stories from where many truly beautiful minds led scientific breakthroughs, and to visit the organisations and businesses who have enjoyed beautiful successes through a ‘Brilliant Science’ tour. We are opening up places of globally-significant science; the heritage sites, laboratories and innovations, and are also creating unique access to globally-renowned contemporary research and science facilities.



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