Chester Zoo is a world-leading zoo and visitor attraction. From the islands of south east Asia to the forests of Madagascar, the zoo showcases its science and conservation work across the zoo, where you can meet over 20,000 animals, in habitats reaching across 125 acres of award-winning gardens. The vital conservation work carried out by the zoo’s team of scientists and researchers benefits both the animals at the zoo and their species in the wild. Opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s. Wildlife conservation is at the heart of this modern attraction and every day scientific evidence is used to help identify and address many of the challenges the natural world faces. To experience and understand more surrounding the conservation science underpinning the work of the zoo, visit Chester Zoo to engage and learn. The large venue offers numerous opportunities to host meetings & events whilst enjoying the natural habitat of so many amazing species.  

Specialised Tours:

  • Meet the team (Nutritionists, Conservation Scientists, Vets, Field Conservationists, Biologists, Biodiversity Specialists) and access the laboratories. As a centre of excellence for conservation breeding and management, the knowledge and skills of zoo staff is critical in ensuring the continued success. Biodiversity surveys and ecological monitoring are conducted, studying the communities that live close to protected areas, and assessing the human – wildlife conflict are an illustration of the many research projects the zoo conducts that are designed to address and inform on matters that impact the world.
  • Enjoy a Segway Tour around the zoo before the public enter to see the animals during their early morning routine and speak with the experts on hand working alongside the animals. (early morning only and assisting with the feeding may be possible)
  • Experience talks and chats with the experts including the Safari Rangers answering key questions surrounding the welfare and upkeep of all the species while visiting the many areas within the zoo. From £15.40 for Group rates.