A typical factory of the time, Gladstone Pottery is the only complete Victorian pottery factory thankfully saved from being demolished in the 1970’s that has produced some of the world’s finest bone china. Today, it is a museum offering an insight into the history of Stoke-on-Trent, the traditional skills required and running workshops for visitors to create another piece of history. The Tile Gallery features one of the best decorative tile collections in the country and celebrates the ways in which ceramic tiles have given beauty and colour to floors and walls over the centuries.



Specialised Tours:

  • Enjoy a tour of the pottery by one of Gladstone’s team and learn about the Victorian era, the working conditions within the factory and watch hands-on demonstrations as they showcase the traditional skills in clay. A fully furnished Victorian Doctor’s surgery can also be visited with real-life characters setting the scene from the 19th century. (minimum 12 people per group / maximum 15 people per group)
  • Step back in time practise the traditional skill by making your own pot or decorate an exquisite flower at a pottery workshop while learning about the science and history of pottery throwing and hand painting.