Humans have always looked up at the skies and marvelled at the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, in an attempt to understand our own sense of place, and purpose, here on Earth. For over 70 years, Jodrell Bank Observatory has been at the forefront of that quest for understanding, and at the heart of ground-breaking discoveries and world-leading research. The unique site’s rich history is still being written and the Jodrell Bank team continue to work at the cutting edge of modern astrophysics. Part of the University of Manchester, the site runs state-of-the-art astronomical research programmes of the e-MERLIN array of national facility radio telescopes. Jodrell Bank also hosts the international headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array, an ambitious global project set to create the largest radio telescope on planet Earth. In recognition of its scientific, cultural and historical significance, Jodrell Bank is the UK government’s current nomination for UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2019 and its multi-award winning visitor centre is a centre of excellence in public engagement in science.

Specialised Tours:

• Telescope Walking Tour – Join a Jodrell Bank Explainer as you stroll around the base of the giant Lovell Telescope. Our guides will tell you all about how the Grade 1 listed Telescope works, exploring its fascinating history and explaining some of its ground-breaking discoveries. (Group size max 25)
• Garden Walking Tour – One of Jodrell Bank’s senior gardeners will guide around our grounds. Explore the Lovell tree collection, see our beehives and discover our national collections of Sorbus and Malus trees. You’ll also find out more about our unique approach to sustainability. (Group size max 25)
• The Story and Science of Jodrell Bank – Founded in 1945, Jodrell Bank Observatory was a pioneer of a completely new science that dramatically changed our understanding of the universe. Home to the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, the Jodrell Bank team are world-leaders in pulsar research. Meanwhile, Jodrell Bank is now also home to the SKA, an international collaboration working to create the world’s largest radio telescope. (Group size max 200)
• Mars Rover Challenge – Get hands-on in this popular team-building workshop. Delegates will learn all about the current Curiosity mission to Mars and the unique engineering challenges that come with landing crafts on another planet! You’ll then be challenged to work together with limited resources in order to construct your own device and safely land some fragile cargo. (Group size max 20)

* Customised talks, tours and team building workshops can be created for specialist groups and range in cost from £50-£150