Science and Industry Museum 

Housed on the site of the first inter-city passenger railway (Liverpool to Manchester) the museum takes you on a journey from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to today’s discoveries in science and technology. Combining its distinctive appeal of a historic and important heritage site with a vibrant contemporary science programme, it offers visitors the essential story of innovative discoveries that began in Manchester which, have since continued to influence the world. Extensive displays of industrial heritage in the heart of the world’s first industrial city make connections between the past and the present, between scientific theory and real-world applications. Explore science, industry and society, experience first-hand the revolutionary railroad that changed the world, the technology and design of locomotives and transport innovations or see live demonstrations of historic cotton mill machines that built Manchester.

Specialised Tours:

  • Visit the 1830 Railway Station where the first passenger steam train left on the Liverpool to Manchester railway, meet the museum experts for customised talks and visit Robert Stephenson’s Rocket in it is original home (only until Sept 2019).
  • Experience live demonstrations of the historic textile machinery at the heart of the cotton industry. Learn about the mills and examine the number of artifacts of frames, looms and dyes. This is available as a unique experience after hours once the Museum has closed to the public.
  • Experience private viewings and introductions to our special contemporary science exhibitions, which over the next few years will cover a range of subjects from The Sun to the Science of Music.
  • Meet STEM Ambassadors involved in industry and academia who work, study and research in a STEM field.